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Fix It 101


Quick fixes and big projects even major renovations. You can join the conversation, send an email to fix it one O one at MPB online dot org. How are you guys doing this morning? You know, I'm pretty good and I have a suggestion on a project an easy fix. Already? Yeah. Yeah, because I want to encourage every listener. To walk around your house and open every window. Okay. Because we don't do that a lot. Yes. I want you to open your window. Raise it up. Make sure it stays up. Put it back down and lock it. That's neat. That's a good idea. I opened hours this weekend because of the weather was fair. We were able to open our windows up. We even put a box fan in one of them to kind of pull through, you know, kind of push. And that's a good I've done that. That's a good idea. My wife always wants to turn the air conditioning off during this time. I like to keep it blowing through. Just push everything now. We're going to air position in the neighborhood. And she says, oh, we're just wasting air conditioning. I'm like, no, we're throwing all this old air out. There you go. Yeah, air change. Right. Yeah, but we don't do that. And then the inspector comes along and opens the window and it doesn't work right. And then we're the bad guys. That's right. If you would just go around and open your windows on a regular basis, you would help out the home in space. That includes the older homes with the painted window shape. There's something called egress. Egress, exactly. Meaning, how do we get out if we can not get out through the doorway? Right. So if we go to our window in an emergency, and it will not open, obviously we can break it and do a lot of stuff that is not as safe as raising that window. A great, great idea. Cool. A couple minutes raise it, close it. And you know that let's talk about some of the issues I found with windows. They're not even in the cell. You know, they'll be sitting caddy wumpus as mama would say. And so that means the track is off on one side. Right. Well, raise them up. It'll be a double sash and will raise it up in the top sash come false. I hate those. Yeah. God, I hate that. The balance is wore out. The balance is wore out. So it'll come crashing down. Okay, okay. So let's say we have that issue. What do you do? When that happens, let's say you can order a new a new balance pack. Okay, so this is something a person can do. It's very simple. Now, there's all kind of different windows. Right. Okay, you got vinyl. You got metal clad. You got vinyl clad, blah, blah, blah. And it's over 1150 years old. It might be wood. If you have the double hung with a balance on each side, they snap out, you put the new ones in, it's a very simple process. Yeah. Yeah. So you want to, and another thing that we find is that we'll raise that lower sash and you let go of it and it comes slamming back down. Yep. Little fingers. Oh, I didn't think about it. Yes, it can. Oh, little fingers. So you can repair that with a kit. Okay, like a kit, you can buy that will put the spring back in the Windows. You pull the others out, put the new end, hook your window onto it. Really? Yeah. Okay. All right. Yeah. So you can do that. And then also what will happen is that the weather stripping gets does a dry rot. Oh, yeah. And so you'll have, at the base of the window, that dry rot. And so when we try to raise it, because it hasn't been raised in ten years. It just rips apart. The weather stripping. I got it. Because it's dry. And that will let water in. Let's say you're in. Gotcha. Now everybody run around and open up that crazy radio lady. I'm supposed to open my window. Well, because it was nice this weekend. The wife gave me the job of it's been a few months that we've been indoors now. And we actually had a decent weekend to be able to do stuff. So I was asked to take the carpets out the rugs out and wash them. I usually do this about once every 6 months. I took them out. I put them on our deck. And our pressure wash them. And it is. Did you just love that pressure wash? I love the pressure washer. But I'm telling you, if you've got a rug, we have a fireplace in our home. We have dogs. There's money yard. It's just a million to one things, and you can use the carpet cleaner only so many times. And it just doesn't take it out right. Well, I take them out. I put them on the deck so that when you pressure wash them, the water can go through. Go through. So it doesn't puddle. You can hang them on a fence too. Yeah, you can do that too. If you've got some horses and two by four, you can hang them up on that. Now Pam is not going to do that alone because rocks are heavy. They are. Well, and the trick to that is that if you can move it always remember, you can move it dry. You just can't move it wet. So you remember you've got to get it dry before you pick it back up. So that's a chore that I did this weekend, but the payoff, man, the payoff when you put that rug back in there after you've pressure washed it. It looks brand new. See, what happens to me? I'll do that and bring that road back in and my cat comes in and vomits right in the middle of it. There's that vomit word again. This is two weeks ago. We've seen to get that out. Anyway, got a coast here. A coast. A email here from the coast. I'm new to the Gulf Coast. My House is white vinyl siding. That's out there everywhere. How do I clean it? And how do I prevent regrowth of the yuck on the side of it? Thanks Linda. I think a lot of us who've seen, especially vinyl signing on the north side of your home typically, you're going to see some, it's a green mold to me. It just looks like algae or mold or whatever. It's not corroborated. Microbial growth is what it is. But anyway, we will say there's several way to clean this and the things that use the most force are at least needed in this particular thing. Vinyl siding doesn't need a lot to clean. It should and then rinse it. And my favorite thing is you think I'm going to say Ken chromium, but I'm actually going to say what it and forget it. Forget it for this. I think for that application. A listener gave us that information a couple of years ago. And I use it for that specific purpose on my house. And folks, and I know you hear that. That is a

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