Setting the Stage for a World on the Brink of War


The stage worldwide. Worldwide, we have Iran, North Korea, we have China. We have Russia. We have the terrorist groups in the Middle East. We have war constantly in Ethiopia. Some of the African nations, we have a war in Ukraine right now with Russia, a lot is unsettled on the world stage. And a lot for probably one of the first time since World War II, we're seeing this on sadness leading us closer and closer to conflict. When you look at what North Korea is doing with their nuclear testing, which they just tested and ICBM, which if given the right range and given the proper aerodynamic, could reach the United States. Again, could they actually pull it off? Still remains to be seen. But they're testing on a much quicker and higher note. You've got China who is taking the South China Sea, being very aggressive towards Taiwan, being aggressive toward the neighbors around. Again, just sort of seemingly pushing the envelope. When recently with President Biden, and also, frankly, it was an interesting with freer Trudeau. Justin Trudeau with the Canadian prime minister was very aggressive over what he believed was a leaking of their conversations to the media. And he was very abrupt in how he confronted that. As you go forward. So again, China flexing its muscles on the stage. I think China feels like they're with the American pullback, which we saw again in Obama. We're seeing it again in the Biden administration that there is an opening for China to assert its anonymous. Iran Iran is just Iran. And the human rights violations are still the greatest funder of terrorism in the Middle East. And they have their outlets of regimes Hezbollah and others who carry out their wishes and this is just who Iran is. It's been a destabilizing force in the Middle East for a long time.

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