What Happened to the Unified GOP in the Midterms?


When we think back to when we were in power, when Trump was president, sure, there were some never trumpers, but for the most part, we all unified behind Trump. And when I think back to the State of the Union speeches, Trump gave, I can't think of a time when the Republican narrative was more clear. And the Democrats, while clearly opposed, you remember Nancy Pelosi physically ripping up Trump's speech, our whole side was quite unified. But ever since the midterm results of 2022, this unity has slowly disappeared. Some of it started in 2020 and maybe even more in 2021, but after November 8th, 2022, very quickly, conversations began about what went wrong and why, and people immediately started pointing fingers. There was a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking going on as they say. I know many of you have likely seen the infighting taking place. And it's very disturbing. Some say the midterms were great and maybe it wasn't a red wave, but hey, we control Congress. This group has a very positive outlook on how things went. And the party's recent expansion into the black and Hispanic vote were unheard of years ago. In fact, despite ballot shenanigans by the Democrat party, the GOP won the popular vote in the midterms by 6 points. Others say the midterms were far from a red wave. We were expecting a bloodbath, blowout election, where we'd control the House and the Senate, many thought this would happen because Biden seemed so obviously bad. With his policies so obviously harming Americans with record high inflation and people feeling it at the gas pump. But alas, we missed the mark. We overestimated our wins. We counted our chickens before they hatched maybe. Others say we've could have gotten far more seats, but we didn't because of various reasons, whether it was candidate quality or it was lack of fundraising or mismanagement of funds. As McConnell backed Murkowski instead of shabaka and left Blake masters out to dry. There are many reasons why people feel this election did not turn out the way we had hoped. But nevertheless, the point is, they are disappointed, and we are not unified.

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