ICC Issues Arrest Warrant for Putin Over Ukraine War Crimes


Well, I think the international court just made it pretty darn clear to China and to the rest of the world that there is no fixing this thing. They're accusing Vladimir Putin of war crimes. There is a warrant out for his arrest. They are saying that he took children from Ukraine, removed children from Ukraine. It is an unusual move. Look, the international court, well, they don't really do a whole lot. Shall we say, let's be honest. But what's historic about this particular case is that they're making an accusation against a member of the Security Council. So they're going right after him. I mean, you know, the Russians are like, well, who cares? You know, it doesn't really matter. It doesn't matter for us. I do suspect it matters a bit for China. So if China is pairing itself with the likes of someone that the rest of the world views as a war criminal, then we ought to be doing a whole lot more to sanction China to position China so that it has no influence in the rest of the world. Listen, Russia's economy is nothing. And they got oil, which has been sanctioned, that's partly why we've seen oil prices, actually they're a little bit lower today, but they have moved up. But that's all I got. I mean, Russia does not have a thriving economy, not without the rest of the world. And even if they pair up with China, China needs us. China needs the west. So we have a lot more leverage than anyone in this administration understands or is trying to use.

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