Rep. Scott Perry: Joe Biden Had No Authority to Declassify Documents


Biden had no authority whatsoever to classify or unclassified documents. And by the way, every single as a guy who held a top secret security clearance for over three decades, every one of us knows that if one of those classified documents in your care is mishandled, miss stored, whatever you want to call it out of the chain of custody, you're going to jail. That's what we all know. And so this is a very, you know, look, it's another day where we wake up in America and you see two standards of justice. One for those who are connected who say the right things to the right people and one for the rest of us who live in fear of our government, you know, President Biden had no problem out there scoring former president Trump for what he calls the mishandling of classified documents or the irresponsible way in which they are taken care of. I remind everybody that the archivist and the federal government at large knows every document that president Trump has. They have an argument of a whether he should have it or not. But here's what they don't have Todd. They don't have an argument over how it's stored because it's stored in a secure compartmentalized information facility. That's the long version of stiff. That's where those documents are stored across the federal government. That's where they are seeing. That's where they are red. That's where they reviewed. And that's where they must be maintained unless you have courier orders to remove them. And so it's apples and oranges in the way that both presidents are being treated. One is being persecuted, essentially set up for an argument. The other one has broken the law for apparently about 6 years now and now the mainstream media, which is that you will just forget about it and act like it didn't happen at the same time you're supposed to demand that they throw the former president in jail over a dispute. And

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