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Happen what are those things those those problem areas things that might be something that you might see or i might see on my own body and think you know what i actually really do need to go have that checked out who the number one thing is something that doesn't heel i have patients come in all the time because they have also been nervous about coming to see me and they say for a couple years i've had this lesion that is on my face or it's on my hands and it will get scaly and then the scale will go away but sometimes it bleeds and it seems to go away but then it comes back so savings that never fully heal that's what i'm looking for obviously i have my i trained to pick up numerous items but when i hear somebody who said i've wanted to do this i've been nervous and i've had this issue it's often something that they have seen it's new and it never goes away now i want to get a clarification on that statistic that you said at the very beginning one in five americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer is that malignant skin cancer or both benign and malignant skin cancer game cancer is malignant occurs no benign form that includes basil cell skin cancer squamous cell skin cancer and malignant melanoma okay that's fascinating first of all obviously i did not know that i'm someone who's had in my in my family history not skin cancer but various types of other cancers in of course my mind i always think oh well there's a malignant cancer and then there are benign cancers and never knew that about skin cancer so you've totally educated me on that end the statistic about how common it is now in terms of the three that you just outlined you know i'd love to for you to give a brief overview for everyone so that they kind of go in knowing you know what are the different types of skin cancers that people are being diagnosed with kind of.

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