Top Massachusetts court clears MIT in student suicide lawsuit


Initiative provides thousands of sites to drop off pills with no questions asked the da starting the program after the federal government warned the public that flushing pills down the toilet or throwing them in the trash posts health and safety risks attorney general jeff sessions saying he has no doubt the program will keep drugs out of the wrong hands and stop the spread of addiction the da collecting nearly ten million pounds of prescription pills since the fall of twenty ten lisa steve the parents of a penn state university pledge who died after a night of drinking at a frat house say they will appeal judge's decision to throw out the most serious charges against some members of the fraternity massachusetts highest core rules against a university being sued after for a student's suicide on campus massachusetts institute of technology argued before the state supreme court that it could not be held liable for han wins death in two thousand nine he took his own life by jumping from a building after a professor questioned him about an offensive email wins family sued saying mit knew he was a suicide risk and could have prevented it but state justices ruled the school would have to have prior knowledge of past suicide attempts or of students current plans to kill themselves then the school has to take reasonable action to help that student the case has been closely followed by universities nationwide girl scott fox news a utah couple became parents to twins on star wars day friday may fourth parents kendall and ross bobbins named the kids rowen luke in kyw laya after two of the main characters in the movie and they also decorated the kids nursery in a star wars theme lisa lacerra fox news.

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