Two top FBI officials who worked with Comey leave the bureau, report says



And the ad council to people involved in the events surrounding the russia investigation as well as other recent controversies of the fbi of left the bureau lisa page served as a legal advisor to both james comey and his deputy andrew mccabe and was also a member of special counsel robert muller's team until justice department investigators uncovered text messages between her and top fbi agent peter struck which were highly critical vin presidential candidate donald trump jim baker is the other top official whose left the bureau baker was one of jim commes closest aides and served as the fbi's top lawyer he was reassigned late last year after the justice department investigated him for allegedly leaking classified information to a reporter about the socalled trump dossier garrett tenny demonstrators and russia protested the impending inauguration vladimir putin's fourth presidential term protest took place in moscow and petersburg and several other key russian cities and towns the atmosphere was heated with demonstrators shouting shame and waving anti corruption placards this moscow protests wasn't authorized by the government police in riot gear were quick to crack down and cleared the demonstrators in a matter of hours hundreds of activists were arrested around the country sometimes with force amongst those detained was opposition leader aleksei nevada who organized rallies in london kitty logan fox news new york city mayor rudy giuliani suggesting three americans being held in north korea will soon be released there is a good chance that three on time hostages in north korea will be released over the next several days i pray i pray that that happens but that didn't happen accidentally giuliani speaking of the iran freedom convention for democracy and human rights in washington dc.

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