Tiger Woods struggles with greens in first round since Masters


Sorry tiger woods haven't talked about him in a beat tiger made his return to quell hollow yesterday for the first time since twenty twelve tiger finished round one of the wells fargo championship with an even par seventy one six shots off the lead see what do you think he think we'll see tiger and contention on sunday we'd like to sculpt soulful tough it's not one of his favorites it's a popular tournament it's in charlotte north carolina golf course i've played myself played in the proam a number of years ago tiger well he didn't have his driver will irons well he's got a new set of tailor made irons he had his woods taylor mate and he's got his whole oh bat bag matched up now with taylor me products couldn't put the ball shortcuts couldn't couldn't put the ball he should've hit the ball well enough he should have been two or three under par there's a two of the final four holes he had an opportunity for birdie and blew it with a bad pot and he had a fifteen footer for birdie yup that ended up as a threeputt bogey like this is what we have seen the tigers it's yet to put it all together in one awesome round yesterday was outside of putting about as well as we've seen him play on this comeback earlier in the comeback it was the putting had been saving him when he and so the iron in the woods were good but the putting just wasn't there yesterday hated knicks have reportedly hire david phys dell to be their eleventh head coach eleven head coach the two thousand one two thousand two season phys dan will look to turn around and knicks team that went twenty nine in fifty three last year nick phys wanted this job waited for the offer how much of an uphill climb does he have a head of him they have.

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