Mueller’s Russia probe: a year on, Trump is far from out of the woods


Mm it because of x y and z but it's important to put the facts out in front of people and show that bob muller is doing his work quietly he's one then deitz plea deals and arrests and he moves forward despite what all the trump white house officials may be saying around in the muller investigation has been very speedy very workmanlike very efficient they've gotten as you noted five criminal convictions of significant players they have the opportunity to turn witnesses in the investigation against higher ups and imagine just for a moment willy kind of the astounding position we find ourselves in which is the president of the united states who essentially sits atop entire federal government and is supposed to symbolize truth telling and supposed to symbolize openness and transparency actually won't even answer the questions of the investigator about his own conduct because his lures afraid that he'll either emit criminality or perjure himself and so here we are again in the situation where the present is refusing to answer questions and i think rudy giuliani is basically joined in his other lawyers saying this president don't do it fight a subpoena take this to the spring court take this to the american people more you covered this ground before yeah and this makes me sad now these people well the lawyers rudy giuliani now there's something about being a lawyer for donald trump you get close to him and you think he's too stupid to sit across the table from robert muller third.

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