Toronto Raptors: Is DeMar DeRozan finished in Toronto?


The warriors stolen road win against the rockets in game one on monday houston will look denounce back tonight before heading to golden state see you in or out on the rockets time this series tonight against the warriors stay they get both wins in houston though the better basketball team they don't have an answer for kevin durant warriors get to win tonight i'm in that might be more heart than head but if the warriors win the nba season in tonight and i don't want the nba name tonight so i'm in that may i did not there's go ahead i hope it's your heart because whatever happens if they end up going down to in cleveland been down to i'm going to punch you in your heart your thoughts your heart your hit head on pushing the nba season please please houston to marta rose than has spent a nightline higher night year nine year career with the raptors but his time in toronto might be up the rosen was reportedly shopped last off season could be dealt this off season so nick you in or out on the raptors trading rose in this season even though they already fired twain game i don't know that they will but i believe they should so i'm in on it i think eighties hard to impossible to win a championship when your best players are guards unless one of them's an mvp neither one of these guys in mvp and you saw the best version of the raptors you could get last year and being swept by mediocre cavs team so i am in that they should be trading the mortar rosen demars the better player better than cal lowery and he's embraced the culture being in toronto very few superstars wanna go toronto in stay there i know that my brother was the coach there they got tracy mcgrady they have vince carter neither one those players one to stay here so you have to realize what's to culture you're in a different country what are the superstar.

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