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With the help of his now wife. Then girlfriend Sherrie Louis Kahn into an outpatient program and got himself clean. He made his peace with his service and with himself today, he continues to learn to be patient or at least to try dealing with loss and disappointment is part of the human experience. And if you can't bring your expectations in line with a realistic picture of your life, it can consume you alive. Believe me. There's been bumps in fucking craters along the way that we've had to deal with. But you know, the drugs are the issue anymore. Now we just have fifteen month old baby. That's wreaking havoc on our don't have to fear for your personal safety to find yourself in the grips of dread. You only have to be able to imagine a future where you don't exist, where the people who count on you today. No longer can. And we're everything you've done up to now is all you're ever going to do Luis Garcia was driven by his commitment to others to his family to his unit, but inflicting that kind of responsibility comes at a price. You need to know going in that empathy by definition is a one way street. If you don't, when you dig down all, you're going to find his anger and a sense of betrayal and abandonment. And then the only thing you can feel his sorry for yourself. Next time on this is war. There's so much going on. It's hard to process and you almost don't. You know, because if you think about it and you go on another mission, if that's what your heads that that complacency or that fear is where people make mistakes, subscribe to this war on apple podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you're listening right now, if you're listening on an iphone, just say, hey, Siri subscribed to this war for show notes and more information simply tap or swipe over the cover art. You'll also see offers from our sponsors. Please help support our shows by supporting them. Another way you can help support. This is war is by giving us a five star rating in review or by following. This is war on social media and be sure to tell your friends and show them how to subscribe. Are you combat veteran, or do you know one with a story to tell reach out to us at stories at this is war dot com with your dates and branch of service and a brief description of. Store you'd like to share? I'm Anthony Russo. This is war was produced by incongruity media executive producer, Hernan Lopez for wondering.

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