Clyde, Joe and Antichrist discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Would you rather kill the kid would you rather abort the fetus or would you rather have come to term and live i guess the answer free clyde would be it depends on what type of fetus it is woman came to you and she showed the was carrying a demon we have to abort the demon that story i did not agree with i i can't see how just because we we see there's a face i saw it in the cloud on the internet the other day it looked like a face it doesn't mean that the face in the cloud it's something that happens and this is what we're this is what they're doing to us joe they're giving us this dilemma if a woman is carrying the antichrist's should we aboard that's that's this is basically the same thing in a way because it's an abortion practice according to the church but life happens we gotta let

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