Why Democrats are worried about Tuesday's California primaries


Okay the reality stars meeting with the president is the culmination of months of behind the scenes lobbying to get this case before president trump she is also pushing for broader prison reform the white house is now reportedly reviewing johnson's case democrats have high hopes to take control of the house of representatives in the midterms but to do it they need almost every corner of california the parties even targeted orange county at one time republican stronghold one by hillary clinton in two thousand sixteen the big prize there would be toppling fifteen term republican incumbent dana rohrabacher but california has this unusual to tear primary system and that along with an unusually crowded field of democratic candidates could dash the party's hopes in next week's primary here's npr's jaffe dana rohrabacher tout's his proud past as a speechwriter for ronald reagan and toes the conservative line on many issues legal immigration for one here he is addressing the huntington beach city council i would suggest that those were advocating sanctuary cities or sanctuary state are betraying the american people some of rohrabacher's other positions however have made him seem vulnerable even to fellow publican's he voted against both the gop tax cut and the spending bill he recently lost some business support when he said that no one should have to sell their home to someone who's gay the most controversial is his long support for better relations with russia and meeting with close associates of latimer putin so recently democratic voters crowded into a synagogue and robotics district eager to check out the candidates vying to replace him susan becker knew she was looking for support the person who is most likely to win just a shame that there were so many democrats running because we're going to split the vote here's why bekker's worried california's primary system quits all the candidates on one ballot and sends the top two finishers onto november regardless of party but in their enthusiasm to oppose rohrabacher and donald trump eight democrats signed up making it hard for any candidate to consolidate support that's why michael kodak dropped out though his name is still on the ballot we have to be really smart about the math when candidacy that the math is getting crowded we have to make responsible decisions on behalf of the community on behalf of the party.

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