Minister, what type of gun control do you believe would stop school shootings?


Run by him quick as i can't hear i only have one question for minister and that is he mentioned gun control minister what type of gun control do you believe what stop school shootings that's my only question on january twenty second sixteen year old shooter in italy texas one injured next day january twenty third fifteen year old shoot offend kentucky to daddy he injured february first nineteen year old shooter parkland florida seventeen seventeen injured march seven seventeen year old shooter birmingham alabama one bit march twentieth seventeen year old shooter great mills maryland one dead april twentieth nineteen year old shooter ocala florida one injured may eleventh fourteen year old shooter in palmdale california one injured may sixteenth nineteen year old shooter dixon illinois no injuries no deaths may eighteenth seventeen year old santa fe texas tended now what did you notice in that list in one of those schools in dixon illinois there was a nineteen year old shooter but nobody died and nobody was injured reason the resource officer heard gunshots in the auditorium of gimnasia whatever it was ran towards the gunfire approached the shooter who was shooting at him and shot back hit him in the shoulder took out the threat and that was the end now the number of lives that were saved in dixon illinois because of having a resource officer who didn't run away from the shooting ran towards it unlike in florida the number of lives that were saying it can be determined by the number of rounds the shooter had with him if he had thirty five rounds as resource lobster probably saved thirty five watt but see that's the one you don't hear a lot about because it doesn't advance the agenda of the left wing and that's that's where politics comes into it the democrats answer is banning are fifteen ban high capacity magazines now it'd be the end of school shooting.

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