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Final Games


Jimmy gins the next game on baseless it's funny how things work out isn't it we have a football game a soccer game if you're in america now oh you live in japan like i do and i have to mispronounce the thing i've been saying my whole life it's of course village by their literary only two football games in the world one of them being the private soccer series and the other one being the disease now just put latest stolman on his message to me and of course the latest one is be eighteen they come as a yearly annual series it's a eight classes under the football simulation video game genre and it's released every platform every year around this time so this timber we will have fief nineteen it's a bit too early for bennett to receive that so he's going to have to go to delvina plaza with fee yes do i like it okay watch it usually the the euros and just the finals and i watched the world cup i do not watch regular league football if okay okay so that's how i am with most sports the same with basketball on the same with with american football same with cricket so you know i i have i have some appreciation for football but yet i don't come to faith as a football fan i come to it as a video game fan and let me say i've been playing since the beginning which i guess is like ninety three i want to say that the first game is actually that mentioned united game i think there's a guest but i think that that that's the first in the series and i remember when that came out in the first time that i played it just thinking this is junk we we'd been playing so much kick off dino dini's kickoff kickoff to and dino dini's goal i guess i'm not sure you made the third one but but anyway so yeah he's games where it's very fast top down view and the bowl is not at all anchor to the fate of the characters you're just like this you're this kind of fast moving kaleida trying to keep the bowl of slightly under control and we played so much sensible cz.

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