Attorney General Rod Rosenstein responds to Trumps demands re allegations that FBI planted a spy


L t i am live on a sunday night can you believe that eight eight eight six eight eight nine to five eight sterling on sunday now what's trending on wb ap and wbz attorney general rod rosenstein has responded to president trump's demand that the justice department investigate the allegation i raised by rudy giuliani that the fbi planted a spy in the trump presidential campaign correspondent brian noble's if anyone did infiltrate or surveilled participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes we need to know about it and take appropriate action doj also agree to task it's inspector general to look into whether politics played a part in the fbi's probe into people linked to russian agents during the campaign on the trade war with china has been put on hold treasury secretary steve mnuchin tells fox news sunday that both sides will work on a deal president had a very productive meeting with the vice premier in the oval office with all of us and the vice president heard these commitments himself and he can always decide to put the tariffs back on if china doesn't go through with their commitments right now dow futures up to.

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