NBA Playoffs recap - Golden State vs Houston, Cleveland vs Boston


The nba finals for the eighth straight year fourth threeyear year he's doing it with the cleveland cavaliers lebron has now won twenty four st eastern conference series the last time the lebron james wasn't heading to the nba finals kobe bryant was wrapping up his final nba championship chris paul was still a member of the new orleans team which wasn't the pelicans that point and steph curry was just wrapping up his rookie season lebron taking care of the boston celtics in game seven two punches ticket who are they gonna play warriors and rockets will decide everything tomorrow night game seven six pm tipoff steve kerr who's played in a few game sevens in his own right talking about the nerves his team might be facing well i think everybody feels more nerves for sure you know you wake up that morning and it's like this is it this is a combination of everything that's happened the last couple of weeks more nerve wracking but a lot of fun too i think i played three of them if i'm if my memory serves me and their games that you remember fun to be part of that's exciting on the injury front both andrea etc for the warriors and chris paul for the rockets are gametime decisions both officially listed as doubtful the as grabbed two out of three from the diamondbacks gap by two two one win while the giants fell in chicago eight to three they'll head to colorado tomorrow for a series with the nfl west leading rockies joe hughes sports at fifteen and forty five and all news one zero six nine am seven forty kcbs i'm a cafe drink.

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