US news sites are ghosting European readers on GDPR deadline

The Tech Guy


News outlets book european if you just search for that times you'd find yeah you're being used and then my guess is that i would bet yeah the zona daily star yup lee enterprises they're they're doing it okay okay mystery solved mystery solved the arizona daily star is blocking e you readers as is the saint louis post dispatch all the leeann prices papers early enterprise paper fortyone papers probably the star isn't even doing a self it's just the parent company said we're not because they don't wanna hire a data protection officer and change their policies and it's too much trouble it's not that it's in any way blocking their legitimate business efforts it's just too much trouble i'm glad we got to the bottom of this yeah leered thank you joy yeah you have a good day bye bye that's the way the tech guy i did a little research new york times article says new us news outlets block european readers over new privacy rules trunk which includes the chicago tribune los angeles times the eras ona daily star joys paper the paper she was trying to post from all our blocking access to their websites from europe as of yesterday because of the gdp are the general data protection regulation so when joy try to post that article from a star on facebook the star blocked it because they don't want any europeans to see their articles because then they'd have to change their privacy policy and it here to gdp are dick are you i think you're doing your gdp are disclaimers aren't you we are absolutely absolutely as i said on the website i said we don't.

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