Full transcript: 'Face the Nation' on May 27, 2018


Denuclearization dismantlement that was made perfectly clear kim jong un he's the guy playing the games and i for one personally glad that president trump backed out until kim jong hoon comes to negotiating table willing to completely dismantles nuclear program and so we have to maintain that maximum pressure campaign which i believe this ministration will do there was also some conversation about china and whether they're serving our best interests with with sanctions and those enforcements i are you an agreement that they're actually doing that i am concerned it's one of the reasons i've been pointing out that the variety of our relationship with china must be get their cooperation on the sanctions i we we can deal with the trade issue after we get that dismantlement of kim chan news programs but it's vital that china maintain those sanctions i did have sex secretary pompeo was he knew there's any leakage of that were there sign a little bit more free flow of goods he said there wasn't i'm afraid there may be some relaxation i know kim jong inside the president he doesn't surprise me that the astros discussions all of a sudden kim jong un's or his representative are talking about us removing our troops so we want kim pressing she our side not kim jong inside but you know that's why i think it's so important that we maintain a triangulation china in these negotiations at this moment at this time you do you see a summit happening whether it's on june twelfth or afterward i hope so some point in time i don't think happen in june twelfth kim jong is gonna have to come to sense is going to have to understand that his economy already is a basket case you'll get fire worse if he doesn't dismantles programs but it can get so much better if he just gives them up on out because he has a nuclear weapons he's basically sure his his in his regime survival chinese consider that so he's in a completely different place than certainly qaddafi or son hussein was you'll have that guaranteed from from the chinese so this really is a different situation but it's going to be up to kim jong un see whether or not he he really does want to first of all issues all survive without nuclear weapons and by doing so there's so much so much benefit to not only him but his regime and.

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