U.S. missionary home after two years behind bars in Venezuela


G for seven ten w o r manhattan is opening a new distillery the first legal one since prohibition the distillery is called our new york in his on west twenty sixth street in chelsea it has tasting room barshop and a first run of twenty one hundred bottles of vodka to sell at twenty three bucks a pop it's eighty proof thought got made from corn and with new york city tap water considered among the best in the nation i'm sara lee kessler for seven ten w o r a utah man jailed in venezuela nearly two years ago has been freed his family saying in a statement they're grateful to all all who participated in this miracle abc's barry richards reports from salt lake city utah leaders have been working through to practice to get shasha holt released from prison in venezuela utah congresswoman mia love giving kudos to the trump administration i've always said that i'm gonna praise this president when he does something well and you know let them know let him have it when he does love his president trump called her personally with the news that holt with free so excited it's so many times we thought it was going to be impossible utah senator orrin hatch thinking countless diplomatic contacts embassador and senate foreign relations committee chairman bob corker for flying venezuela.

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