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With sorry who's that senator who used to be an al franken and people are mad that he had to resign over that because they don't think necessarily it was as bad as it was it could have been but moved still still shut up i know but the same thing is that if you're gonna if you're gonna if you're part of a certain party in you're going to point sides you may have to make sure that your side of the shores yeah fortunately what happens i mean on the political realm is the democrats are the actually if you look at the people who've been taken down politically democrats have been taken down because just what you said they've got to be cleaner than clean the republicans the thing they have going for them is they don't have any shame have your life so yeah whatever lasting judge roy moore that was run on he's like yeah so what he doesn't hinge you can't certain people didn't vote for him and that was the resign with frankly no it's true what liberals it's like they break spent because it's like well this goes against everything were republicans are typically a bit or permissive of what is universally considered a bad behavior whether it be defending certain kind of gun laws too you know our president is a sexual predator and they put them in there knowing that you know there's a power in not giving a fuck and it's one of the secrets of the trump administration is that whatever brad wanna get it's brash it's on any given week they're like ten things happening in that administration yeah any single one of them in any other presidency would have been enough to take down a presidency have have massive resignations or have it be the story that the media would harp on for three months straight yeah right and with him there so numb to it just like yeah so what yeah so my p guys.

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