Doctor Sees Lump On Woman’s Throat On TV, Saves Her Life


Philadelphia eagles trip to the white house to celebrate their super bowl win we showed unrelated footage of players kneeling in prayer to clarify no members of the team knelt in protest during the national anthem throughout regular or postseason last year we sincerely apologize for the air this is a crazy story a doctor by the name of eric void was randomly watching an episode of the hgtv show beachfront bargain hunt show when he noticed something strange gosh i feel obliged to let this person know they may not know they have something and as an expert in the field i was concerned woman featured on the show nicole mcginnis was shopping for a property after treatment for a rare aggressive brain cancer but the doctor noticed that she had a lump on her throat he reached out to her through facebook to warn her she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer just by watching somehow or another by the grace of god got back to my family we were shocked we were shocked that dr witnessed this on television and reached out so last week i went in and had a biopsy and friday is when the doctor called back and said you actually do have even crazier the to meet each other in person this week i know you're gonna do you can see it as she's talking to buy you can see this big like blom in her how great of him to take the extra effort to try and find out how to reach this woman and then the fact that the message actually got and real quick acute story is posted the photos on the dirty page seventeen year old alison clause from pennsylvania did you guys see this took a cardboard cutout of danny de vito to her high school it even had like a tie and of course is and she had a little trolley to pull this fake danny devito cut out around her from well it got a bunch of media attention it eventually got back to the set of it's always sunny in philadelphia danny de vito's tv show so danny devito got in on the joke he got a life size cutout of this girl alison close at the prom and he brought it to the set was taking pictures of this girl on the set sets kohl's that is awesome for today's check out the dirty page on mojo in the morning calm shannon's dirty.

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