New Diablo Game Project In Development, Blizzard Confirms


Same day that publisher warner brothers is holding a pre three twenty eighteen reveal event a tweet from the wb games account shows a race car with the brand hamson on it that could be referenced to the fictitious oil company referenced in hitman season one a more direct indication that hit me into is coming that a logo for hitman to was fat on wbz official site so yeah so there you go looks like that we're racing thing that went out from wb games is somehow related to hit man and we'll know more on june seventh no shock there but good for i o interactive get out there and keep making i'm glad that all worked out for them see more yeah did you like it man i i didn't play all of the episodes but what i did play i really like i think i stopped because it was just so hard it was i'm just bad of being sneaky is what it comes down to i would do something wrong and then they would be onto me and then i would have to try to fight my way out hit me as not that game yeah i play i did the demos here and there and like previous sessions i always joined it but it was never for me i know nick loves at a lot and i know obviously like giant bomb was obsessed with it and hitman obviously one that's all over the place and i know you know that team on it so good so i hope it's true sorry leaked like everything else to see three number four is there a new diablo in development of course there is but will act like we don't think there is chris prayer over gamespot rights and unannounced the oslo project or some sort of sorry in unannounced an unannounced diablo project of some sort is officially in development blizzard has revealed a job listing on the company's website confirms as much although this being a job posting and not a proper announcement there aren't any reveals real details about what to expect the job openings for a dungeon artist on the diablo franchise but the game is listed as an unannounced project the script she makes it clear upfront the position will be working on something new quote the minions of hell are growing stronger were working on a new one in the alba project and quote good i love diablo.

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