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Bloomberg press title published by wiley available wherever books and e books are sold you up to speed with some of the regional equity markets fared it wasn't mixed picture more positive than negative especially so in saudi arabia six day winning streak slightly lower volume seventy five percent of the three months average dubai blocking some gains as well up three tenths of one percent the mr malls really standing out in the trading day and then cutter up another two percents on the tailwinds off the msci reshuffling that happened not too long ago k now on the first or the latest business flash headlines go back out to yvonne mind yvonne thank you what tesla investors have backed it's besiege board defeating proposal to require an independent chairman in approving the reelection of three directors the board had a vise keeping elon musk a ceo and chairman and retain the three directors proxy advisor glass lewis and others wanted an independent chairman after claims model three targets to the board has failed to oversee mosque facebook has confirmed that data partnerships with chinese companies while away lenovo ofo and tcl while he's been fly by us intelligence as a potential national security threat social network says many other us tech companies work with chinese firms to integrate their services into smartphones stages facebook says information from its integrations with alway was not stored on paul ways servers rupert murdoch appears to have one uk approval for twentieth century fox require atv providers sky however is not yet a done deal comcast has submitted a sixteen percent higher bid for sky and authorities one fox did invest guy news if it completes a takeover further complicating matters is murdoch's plan to sell sky to disney along entertainment assets which comcast may also trying.

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