Scores more homes destroyed by lava flow on Hawaii's Big Island


Right after this month they thought they had a pretty good chance of winning that doesn't mean they can't take the house back but it just makes the hill steeper complicates the map also in california democratic senator dianne feinstein is advancing to the november ballot in tuesday's primary overwhelmingly cast their ballots for the eighty four year old who had served in the senate since nineteen ninetytwo inside by the way is the oldest member of the senate over two dozen other candidates vying for the second spot but right now the top contender is democratic state senator kevin de leon dozens of people are dead as rescue efforts continue in guatemala following the eruption of the waco volcano meanwhile on hawaii's big island homes have been wiped out by lava jim rupe tells more many of the more than one hundred sixty homes destroyed by lava aren't just burnt to the ground but buried under several feet of lava many places where once stood homes can ever be reconstructed to landmark scenic spots are gone forever look lakes is no stopping talmadge magna hawaii county civil defense director says it's like a flood it's just pouring out covering everything is love front is a half mile wide emptying into the pacific merican companies have acknowledged a record two hundred one billion dollars in stock buybacks and cash takeovers and may apple made up nearly half that total micron technology and qualcomm rounded out the top three futures up thirty two i'm elliot francis.

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