Lobbyist tied to condo met with EPA chief, despite denials


Pollen season every year it seems experts say the pollen season is worse than the year before fact the climate and the weather has an impact on the start the duration and the intensity of allergy season dr tarun arolla notes there's been record warmth this all fuels the growth of plants which means more pollen earlier pollen and parliament stays around longer so even if you haven't started sneezing and sniffling if you know you will she says take action now want to start taking over the counter meds your prescription meds you wanna meet with your allergist and develop a plan steve cave and cbs news new federal disclosure report shows the washington lobbyist tied to a bargain priced condo leased by environmental protection agency chief scott pruitt sought to influence the agency on behalf of a client earlier this year that's a filing scotch addicts denials by pruitt that the lobbyist had not conducted any recent business with the environmental protection agency i'm jim taylor cbs news here's a special message.

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