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Called you up and they had no idea what general education let's just said it from another planet they touched down in the united states and they say karen what is ge what do you say to them well number one ge today it's going to be a completely transformed company so it's still going to be an it's gonna end up being an industrial matt equipment company that's what's gonna be left and then the healthcare piece is going to be new co it's going to be a different business but it's a company in transition it's company and break up and i'm happy to see that phase two is so big because remember phase one we were all very dissatisfied with one dollar deal percents all you do is extrapolate your head out folks rather interpolate out down to two point two percent or whatever you wanna plug in it'd be it'd be in line with industrial and exactly karen with within all this is where we bought this stuff you mentioned yesterday that they were moving off the power engine systems in a pretty good price if they wait a year or two on baker hughes was seventy eighty dollars oil is jeff going to look like a genius well i think that people aren't real happy that he doubled up on oil and gas but what i do think is that flannery is going to look like a genius because people wanted him to do that very quickly because it was a way to easily monetize and get some real money their shares worth twenty three billion dollars and he said no i will get more money in two years and i can get today i mean is that a correlation the oil price i mean baker yes okay within this within what we saw today thanks to the wall street journal for really writing up a beautiful revenue stream can you extrapolate revenue declined to whatever the new ge is going to be and then can you bring that right over to job count took a round number we got three hundred thousand bodies is around number two you just assume one hundred fifty go out the door that is possible i mean they're getting rid of thirty percent of sales in the two big businesses like the oil and gas that they've announced the oil and gas in healthcare that's about thirty percent of revenues then they've got the other pieces of transportation pieces etc so they'll probably get rid of forty percent of the people so it would be a little bit less than the one fifty based on revenues is john flannery dumb now this it is the strategic review concluded and to expect in finance in the next year i think he's got the big pieces done i you know i think that you know powers still going to be a you know a

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