Comey 'Insubordinate' In Clinton Email Probe, DOJ Watchdog Says


Seven eastern for another washington journal wcs pfm washington were waiting for the white house briefing with press secretary sarah sanders to begin originally scheduled for two thirty pm eastern was pushed back the two forty five it is now ten minutes after three it has not yet begun but when it does we will go there live the top issue no doubt will be the justice department's inspector general report on former fbi director james commes handling of the hilary clinton email investigation the cnn headline reads justice watchdog faults call me on clinton email pro but says not politically motivated the report itself runs well over five hundred pages we do have it linked at c span dot org if you'd like to read the whole thing the some of the headlines that's one of the points on it it says that komi deviated from f b i n justice department protocol in handling the probe which damaged the agency's image of being nonpartisan meaning that is any wasn't motivated by political bias but going away from normal procedures gave that impression there's also this that the just partment found no evidence that fbi officials peter strachan lisa page directly impacted the fbi investigations but that their actions cast a cloud over the bureau some of the text the two exchanged are included with lisa page texting struck trump's not ever going to be become president right right this was august two thousand sixteen and struck responding no no we won't will stop it questions to the white house press secretary sarah sanders when it begins we'll go there live james comey the former fbi director has issued as put out a tweet that reads i respect the doj i g office which is why i urge them to do this review that includes a reasonable even though i disagree with some people of good faith can see it unprecedented situation differently i pray no director faces it again thanks to id's people for hard work and looking ahead here on c span radio house and senate democratic leaders plan to hold a news conference about the inspector general's report that's going to be scheduled for.

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