Interfaith voices demanding changes to immigration policy make a difference in Washington – Episcopal News Service


News update president trump today defended his immigration positions and policies presenting what he called the other side of the story hosting several families at the white house people who have lost family members to violence by undocumented immigrants we call these brave americans the angel families angel moms angel pops these are the angel families you lost will not have been in vain we will secure our borders the president has apparently given up hope on the gop control congress passing an immigration bill this session cbs's steven portnoy the truth is his proposals don't now have enough support among republicans to get through the gop controlled house one measure he backed failed yesterday and a second was yanked from the floor to avoid an embarrassing defeat lee president has urged congress to stop wasting time his words saying a vote on immigration should be put off until after the midterm elections what do you expect republicans to have a strong majority cbs news update i'm gary nunn from our jefferson financial federal credit union studios now serving orleans jefferson.

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