Bill to fight opioid crisis passes House with overwhelming support


Chief more with your calls but first trump wants congress to wait until after the november midterm elections to consider immigration reform evan haydn riches and the w r k o newsroom he's got all of those details what are they evan thank you get down to near the midnight wr keough news as the president tweeted this morning that gop leaders should wait until more republicans are elected in the upcoming mid terms he said democrats just playing games and reform right now as one house republican immigration bill failed yesterday and then a vote on a second measures been postponed to next week congress is getting some work done today though as a big package of opioids bills is headed to the senate after clearing the house today the effort aims to curb the growing opioid crisis in the us as that house package was approved overwhelmingly three ninety six to fourteen and the supreme court is making a ruling today on privacy police want to track a suspect using cell phone data the supreme court said they'll need a warrant as technology has enhanced the government's capacity to encroach upon areas normally guarded from inquisitive is a majority of five justices said they're trying to preserve a degree of privacy the court ruled in a case brought by a robbery suspect convicted in part on the strength of cell tower records obtained without warrant the justices were careful to say the decision is limited to cell phones not other surveillance tools or techniques dissenters still warned the decision will inhibit law enforcement aaron katersky abc news new york.

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