Remembering Koko, a Gorilla We Loved


Well now i just feel weird kid cudi game polaroid's not the chillier about hey michael hart show i'm mark harvard a superstation one zero one w why james just dying his best of freak me out with with creepy songs we're talking all we're kind of all over the place it's friday and everyone's a little add when it comes to friday's because we've talked a little bit about the about the immigration thing and the the the infamous jacket that the first lady war saying i don't really care to you and how that was probably a horrible fashion choice given what she was there doing specialist a lettuce really i mean we're some chuck's go at least go with toms you know okay you know when you buy a pair of tom's you donate to charity that is true get on get on the on the plane have the plane decked out given out snacks from paul newman just do everything humanitarian the left would still find a way to to mess with it but still at least you're you're making it tougher magnum work for it we did have a passing henry brought up the passing of of koko the gorilla which very sad you know cocoa's been around a long died how old was forty and i don't even know sign language her last words bridges whole bunch of hand gestures yeah so but yeah it's it's it's very very sad you know she robin williams spent some time with cocoa and actually the election psa's that ran forever about conservation and that sort of thing but after when when coco was informed at robin williams had passed away actually signed sadness sadness sign whatever that was so she understood so yeah but also charles charles krauthammer passed away.

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