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You spent you spent a year on this business plan you felt like you knew it you put your heart and soul on this thing you meet with a banker you say hey here's my business plan this is really as as a business owner this is kind of a gut wrenching story here actually we had hired people because we were ready to open we had gone into facilities we were ready to sign a lease within about a week and we had this place that we thought was perfect we had hired seventeen people to open the facility we were ready because the the people we were working with were saying oh you're you're going to get approved it's great this is a really cool plan everything's right i don't see any reason why you won't and and then at the last minute we came back with a no and and of course that happens and so last minute right before christmas i'm calling seventeen employees who've now been hired and are ready to open in january january february area and telling him hey guys needed hang in there so that was that was it was devastating and we didn't know coming in from how we had opened before we weren't aware of what business plans that you could go back out and actually shop another.

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