Jesse Williams Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife More Than $100,000 Per Month in Spousal and Child Support


Well we think he kind of will probably never invite you again runs both born michael come on dude congrats to evil on goria she and her husband jose pepe bustle welcome to sun on tuesday this will be her first child the ex wife of grey's anatomy actor jesse williams is owed one hundred thousand dollars in child and spousal support every month the judge cited his extraordinarily high salary is one of the reasons that she's do so much money jesse's ex wife is also demanding so custody of their kids because he quote has unpredictably busy work schedule a revolving door of intimate partners whilst you see that little part right there she's a little bit fat and bitter about revolving door of intimate partners you oh in the wallet and stuff but could argue the work schedule but the whole thing about the partners i mean set that aside right you're not married you're not married anymore but the with the kids think she's like i don't want those kids to be exposed to such behavior i don't know what's going on and man you're a star wars fan lucasfilm's is putting all this spin off movies on hold the movies that we're going to focus on obiwankenobi and then there was going to be one four boba fett boba fett who you say doesn't even speak speak they were in early development but then solo happened or maybe didn't happen it didn't do as well at the box office now they're like star push the pause button on the little spin off action so force not strong going to have to wait a minute finish the trilogy's i see oh speaking of movies coming up in just a few minutes a little after six o'clock look the kids are home for the summer right.

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