‘He could have had a really great life’: Veteran found dead in Tidal Basin had wandered the country for 20 years


This country now requiring this this caloric requirements be posted the you know what you're eating which actually don't have a problem with but i'll be interested to hear his take and i i did a lot of texts when i'm talking about tammy baldwin i know there's a lot of folks that are aren't republican the listen to the show and thanks for listening as always appreciate you being a listener i don't hate tammy baldwin anybody that serves as a public official i have respect for but i i expect work to be done and not just talk and not just theatrical nonsensical political ads to be what you're known for you can say anything in a television ad you can do anything to make yourself look what's the body of work what have you done for the citizens of wisconsin on the ground in washington dc that helps us tax reform you voted now

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