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Actually have an idea for you are you ready yeah we're going to las vegas next month we're going to summer league they've got they've got a lot of i often las vegas so should we go do we know will the burgers beaver i think that suddenly like three weeks away yeah so the that's enough time for them to get the burgers house right there i have now yeah they change the signs yeah they say that if the name is changed that means the burgers got to be there exactly okay for however much time where there were you know this this thing i'm gonna eat i i have a feeling i'll probably be there about thirty six hours kind of tops ish because that's all i can really survive but i think i'm going to have fourteen meals in that time so i hopped is on that list nice okay i'll see you there the way we'll report back maybe we'll even like captured on video or something oh that would be great yeah that's right we can do that yes the ring dot com hell yeah we can do no props okay one more story for you we'll keep it short this i have news so major while even try to compete you know yes okay this is story test coming from from eater our good friends eater dot com just

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