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In the wbz newsroom the boston globe no longer suing former employees hillary sorry to accuse the newspapers top editor of sexual harassment they asterix summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong own in singapore begins in just a few hours and rhode island is now taxing big trucks the state says most of the damage to its crumbling infrastructure caused by the big rigs and needs the toll money to repair the roads and we are off to a pretty decent start on wall street less than an hour to go in the trading day and all three major indexes are headed higher new hampshire fifth grader is fighting back against bullies without raising her fists delanie marcotte of plastow went before the school board and told members what she's facing has been threatened get shot ak47 and buried in my backyard and many other things i ask you what are you going to do to protect me and my classmates against bullying delaney says her parents contacted the board bought the bullying continues to this day the district superintendent says her concerns now have the district's undivided attention a wedding reception turns into a barroom brawl and salem new hampshire a fight breaks out someone had been choked police arrested colby dion of north andover after he was confronted by several guests at the wedding dion was picked up in the woods after a short search is charged with domestic violence and resisting arrest it's okay for states to clean house when it comes to purging the names of inactive voters from st voter rolls us supreme court justices synod five four ruling today that the state of ohio practice is legal abc supreme court con contributor kate shaw walks us through the ruling five four decision the conservative justices siding with a high finding that its practices were or lawful and the four liberal justices descending essentially argument ohio is violating federal law and in particular justice sotomayor arguing that this practice will have serious adverse effects on low income and minority voters who the federal government has tried to protect in making it hard for states to drop people from voter rolls dissenting justice sonya sotomayor says the practice will have serious adverse effects on how low income and minority voters a federal appeals courts could be about to put a nebraska county close to.

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