With the Cleveland Cavaliers at a crossroads again, LeBron James reflects on his latest challenge



Pardon the interruption but i'm michael barr tony ronald denia was planning to marry schools women at the same time in august you think that'll work i'm tony kornheiser then worked for me in two of the divorce sisters but my reaction to this is what what do you mean he's going to marry two women at the same time what look i i know lots of things go in brazil really go i mean he really resilient to have to hold richer from four from better or worse you maybe one that seems odd to me welcome pti boys and girls today's episode the warriors save your confidence the magic is interested in tom izzo and my cats advanced to play my goal the nights for the stanley cup but we begin today with the boston celtics once again separating themselves from the cleveland cavaliers by double figures in boston this time it was thirteen points cleveland got nothing at all from jr smith and tristan thompson but the headline seemed to be lebron james is apparent exhaustion we'll by lebron said he was fine did he looked tired to you yes he also admitted he was tired i mean he didn't say the words i am tired but the question was asked and he sort of said yeah you know he now is a yeah and t loose said yes he looked tired i mean you don't need to be a physician to figure this out he was tired lebron though tony i thought said very accurately everybody's a little tired this time of the year and there probably is the case but the cavaliers can't afford him to either sit for much time during gains right or not be able to finish them with a lot of strength and vigor at the end of games i don't know what what's the solution for the cleveland cavaliers except being home with a bronze have more energy so last week i remember saying to you that because cleveland was the older team i felt that when they stopped having two days off and they.

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