Supreme Court rules for Texas redistricting plans


And businesses fell as investors sold some of the best performing shares salmon shed more than three percent net flicks tumbled six and a half percent michelle franzen abc news here are your political insights from abc news president trump flooded twitter monday pushing his quote tough stance on immigration while in the oval office the president criticized calls to hire thousands of immigration judges to handle a backlog of migrant cases where do you find five thousand people to be judges this comes as thousands of children who were separated from their parents at the us mexico border have yet to be reunited with their families democratic senator bill nelson of florida says he visited one of the facilities housing those undocumented kids after days of trying to get in nelson says he wasn't able to speak to the kids nor has been able to reach the staffer in charge of reuniting migrant families they are petrified that the rest of the president is going to come down on their head if they do anything that they think displeases the president nelson says if that's not it there either hiding something or have no real plan to reunite migrant families those are your political insights stephanie ramos abc news washington the us supreme court overturns a lower court ruling that found texas congressional district map was racially discriminatory abc news supreme court contributor kate shaw has more from washington lower courts agreed with this and struck down this legislative map and the supreme court today five four reversed those lower courts in opinion by justice alito essentially allowed those maps disdain effect the map combines two legislative districts into one heavily hispanic district pay t and t is accused of helping the national security agency collect data for spying purposes the set for the dallas based telecommunications giant allows the nsa to have eight peering hubs to look at internet traffic through a project called fairview of former at and t technician says the nsa can collect the data from at and t and other companies networks the hubs are reportedly in atlanta chicago dallas los angeles new york seattle san francisco and washington dc and at and t spokesperson says the company is required by law to give information to the government by complying with court orders and subpoenas that's tom roberts reporting komo aaa traffic every ten minutes on the four sitting a report of a collision on southbound highway one six seven at two seventy seven looks like it's mostly after the right shoulder though and it looks like we're clearing in the u district on the southbound make that the northbound i five off ramp to northeast fifty a disabled vehicle partially blocking that ramp is being removed from the scene and your next report is up.

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