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The fbi headquarters and new lamb contradicts ourselves sort of so the question is what did she know who arranged this briefing and again why was chris steele who's being paid by hillary and the dnc being paid by fusion gps a known political entity why is he inside the state department october two thousand sixteen same month he's trying to sell dirt to the media and they don't bite but apparently looks like the state department bit on some level let's move at this stage apartment connection back to an odd fact that sits there in may of twenty sixteen this is when alexander downer the australian ambassador to united kingdom a man who has been foreign minister of australia and is very well known of having decided to pay tens of millions of dollars to the clinton foundation when a for australia back in the day that they were raising money downer is in london and he calls popadopoulos george papadopoulos who's on the trump campaign and it's that meeting that is said to confirm the fact that popadopoulos was offered dirt on mrs clinton by men name miffed sued professor myth suda mysterious man downer we now know did not take it to five is that would be the intelligence agencies because there is no electron communication starting the counterintelligence investigation of the possibility that the trump campaign was being penetrated by russian intelligence downer took it to the state department in london and from there it went we can presume back to the state department in washington i do not have all the details erin but it suggests that state was far more involved in what we now call russia gate than the fbi and earlier involved than the fbi this is may of two thousand sixteen what we know of the fbi is that peter strock open crossfire hurricane the russia gave counterintelligence investigation july thirty first so state was present in some fashion erin i don't know how state was present before popadopoulos was identified as a man who was a target of the russians i mean the question here is who had and what are their tires as well to clinton and i know here that we're talking especially in the case of jonathan weiner we're talking here about people who have extensive ties that go back actually to the clinton global initiative in fact i i reported weiner did work pro bono with the clinton global initiative he was involved in uranium one he actually did lobbying work for the subsidiary that russian subsidiary that eventually purchased the stake in uranium one and of course hillary clinton was a famously involved and greenlighting that and then we had some interesting donations to the clinton foundation this guy goes all the way back to the dubai ports scandal which involved bill clinton and actually help to represent the firm that was trying to buy the dubai ports so we have one guy who's heavily tied the clinton here and was a key player and then of course victoria newland as well well known for her ties to clinton and actually.

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