United States, Guatemala and William Wilberforce discussed on The John Batchelor Show


Door and guatemala coming to the united states and that meant the william wilberforce trafficking victims protection reauthorization act passed in two thousand and eight went into effect this means that if you come from states countries in crisis that are not contiguous with the united states that would describe central america and asked for asylum at a certain port in in some fashion you must you must give due process to the children and people with the children or people attached to the children it's a complicated law i mention it because last week it was not much in the news it's in the news now it's tied the trump administration to a series of statements by the president that reliable that's the law i want to talk about the politics of this david the republican party looked to be on the defensive last week and the democratic party on the offensive on immigration is this a winner for the democrats do they believe this will go to november good evening to you david good evening john and i don't actually think that anybody believes that it will go to november because as we have seen over the last almost year and a half of his presidency every two weeks there is some new controversy every three or four weeks or some new outrage and there's some new issue that dominates the headlines i do know that republicans that i talked to were very concerned that these images and the audio recordings that were out there if this thing wasn't checked if this issue proliferated could turn into a sort of katrina if you will wear these visuals of hurricane katrina superseded any discussion of policy and who should have really been in charge of the recovery in all of that and of course hampered the bush administration at that time so democrats of course agree with all of this and we're happy to have this proliferate we're already seen this week even though we're still discussing this which is something novel in and of itself that were into a second week here we're seeing issues of trade issues of incivility by both sides overtaking some of the headlines and

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