Nancy Pelosi: Inside the Democrats' Path to Victory in 2018


Talking about all of the various battles in the back in the fourth the president just went into capitol hill road across the way and is going to be meeting with republican leaders in the house it is imperative that republicans actually do something on this issue there have been so many attempts in so many failures by president bush by president obama and president trump cannot fail on this it is crucial that we make some progress on immigration and yes of course it would be ideal if the house could vote immediately on a better policy than what people calling the separation of children the zero tolerance policy and by the way if the house votes and then they're waiting for the senate vote just suspend the policy temporarily mr president because you initiated it you can suspend because the political costs of going in the other direction will be terrible even though there are places in the country where it may be very popular to get tough on asylum seekers and refugees and people want to enter the country without authorization yeah i get it but you know what the districts that are going to determine control of the house are swing districts they are streets that hillary clinton carried but that republicans were able to hold for our members of congress and the idea that this is going to bring new people to the republican party particularly not among molyneux's which to be concern let us go to your calls to ally in pomona california you're on the medved show i'm well you're on good my batteries running low let me make my point change okay.

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