Florida, California Lottery and Mikhail discussed on The JV Show


To other seniors in need an unrelated note wrocklage florida's seen a startling increase in slow moving hit and run fender benders during that same time period no suspects have been identified thus far graham one final story from myself jv to people at two separate stores tried their luck with the california lottery and to people here in the bay one five million dollars now the best part of that we read here on the jv show we're forcing our listeners to make pledges to listen to us all summer and while we had them on the phone we also made them to pledge if they ever won the lottery they had to give half the money one of the worst listeners was a person that pledged i think we're having our attorneys look into this where definitely tracking these people down to see if one of them owes us half of that money mikhail is one of the winners he went to a malls deli haight street san francisco turn twenty dollars into five million dollars and he was in tears knowing he can now buy a home in california and

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