Kremlin, Tori Whiting and Congress discussed on Morning Party Mix


Today to the senate finance committee he's likely to get an earful on tariffs marketplace's kimberly adams reports typically whatever republican cabinet secretary testifies the rough questions come from democrats but secretary ross is likely to get it from both sides what's happened is that there's been some fracturing of the republican party on trade jeff cubic is a political economist at the university of arizona he says the president and congressional republicans have mostly agreed on the big policy issues but on trade it looks like there are a lot more voices who are willing to speak out against trump on this issue and not just in congress several conservative groups are planning a multimillion dollar antiterrorist ad campaign tori whiting's with the heritage foundation and i spoke to her on skype think this trade situation right now has made member as an individuals throughout the conservative the community have to really take a look at where their priorities lie with the president on tariffs or with free trade in washington i'm kimberly adams for marketplace commerce secretary ross is also facing scrutiny for his personal financial deals forbes magazine reported this week that ross shorted a stock bet on the stocks possible decline it was a shipping company tied to the kremlin that was a few days after ross was told that reporters were working on a potentially negative story about that firm ross denies he had any nonpublic info about that stock let's check the markets the footsie in london is up sharply one point two percent dow sp nasdaq futures are up for the smp and nasdaq futures three tenths percent the euro is down the dollar is up a dollar fifteen point five there the dollar is down to the chinese yuan at

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