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Some big changes in its wealth management business on world cup action here's kevin the rat big day for russia the host nation at the world cup match with egypt were scoreless at the half before the russians went off for three goals in a span of fifteen minutes to begin the second an owngoal on a deflection off ahmed foty in the forty seven minute then in the fifty ninth minute dentist chiro serve scored off a cross three minutes later tim zubov scored the calls from ian dark on tv to near the goalkeeper elected to punch it opening it back into getting deflects this is a crisis now mario fernandez his name again jason three goes in the tone of it now this is cristiano renaldo zuberbuhler beautifully he's got a chance hey way now you'd think cal stages russia over egypt three to one they will no doubt move out of group a for certain now to it oh with an eight to one goal differential earlier japan over colombia to one the colombians played all but three minutes of the match a

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