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And of course we spread our thanks here from my talk as well thank you john stamos is trending there's a photo he released of his newborn son billy with some have is good friends bob sagged and laureate laughlin of course from full house and it is a very sweet votto billy he's he's got hair just like john stamos and this is a really saddens crazy story the frightened a band called frightened rabbit their lead singer scott hutchinson went missing two days ago and now scottish police are confirming they found a body and they are looking to see if it is him but early ports are saying that it it is very sad very bizarre fans of frightened rabbit are just distraught over this news very sad story out of that and one more thing that's trending ending on a higher note bella hadid and the weekend are trending there is a photo of them smooching at the cans film festival they were holding hands as well so folks are speculating that there could be a reunion with those two blooming that is what is trending here at my talk and taking a look at your weather forecast from channel five eyewitness news not looking like a good day showers for the day a high of only forty nine degrees low of forty two tomorrow looks better with a mix of sun and clouds high of sixty four low forty six currently it is forty eight and cloudy here at mytalk now you know what we know see more at mytalk one zero seven one dot com.

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