Cuomo, Manhattan and Iran discussed on Morning Party Mix


For the nobel peace prize everybody's saying he should get it you wouldn't say that all right karen travers at the white house salat so rob surprised to hear this going to be just a one day affair well summit usually lasts a few days that's why have a stinking suspicion that they say well we were getting to some really substantial ventures and we're gonna we're gonna roll this over for a second day that wouldn't surprise you remember when president used to have those summits in camp david and they would go for long walks in the woods and they'd come back and they'd announce a big agreement assata last one day it's a lot that's a lot of air travel just for taste well for from our standpoint i i still want to see how kim jong un travels there must be a north korean airline you're not gonna take his supersecret train over there i did i did hear a report that in the past he could not have gone to singapore because they didn't have planes that could fly that far apparently they well they planes with wings on them which way to set forward in north korea they have intercontinental ballistic missile supposedly deliver nuclear weapons and they can't fly camera to singapore no they were saying that if they back in the day a plane had to stop to refuel to get to singapore and that would have humiliating for the head of north korea to make a pitstop just strap him to the back of a rocket on the roadrunner cartoons speaking of rockets heating up there in the middle east i mean we had details yesterday about israel's strike at iranian air force bases but right it's coming out now that israel really took out pretty much all of these structures in the air force stuff that iran had built in syria so i tell you they flop a few rockets at israel and israel just beats bombs the crap out of you good that's the way it should be coming up next governor cuomo and manhattan da sivan's have buried the hatchet will tell you all about that and eric schneiderman oh smiling schneiderman he's promising to fight back against those accusations and you could be the lucky winner of a thousand bucks a thousand bucks in your wallet coming up at eight oh five and seven ten w now let's check checking on the traffic birdie vital glennon michael we've got a thirty five.

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