VA nominee Ronny Jackson's confirmation hearing postponed


To gas buddy dot com the average price in seattle now three thirty gallon while the dow has just taken a precipitous drop in the last thirty minutes it's down four hundred fifty four points it was down over two hundred points just about thirty minutes ago the nasdaq remains at positive territory it's up twenty seven and a half and the sp five hundred is also down significantly thirty three points in into the red that's a look at your propel insurance business update this morning president trump's weighing in on the attack in toronto with an expression of sympathy as we hear from abc's karen travers at the white house president trump began his remarks at in a rival ceremony for french president macron by expressing his sympathies to the canadian people calling monday's attack in toronto a horrendous tragedy two hearts with the grieving families in canada in a statement last night the white house pledged to provide any support candidate may need as they deal with this attack karen travers abc news the white house do allegations against rear admiral ronnie jackson prompting the senate to postpone their confirmation hearing for president trump's nominee to become the next secretary of veterans affairs abc's lana zak reports from capitol hill we've postponed the hearing there are some things we need to check into for more fully vet out the admiral jackson senator jon tester the ranking member on veterans affairs explains the committee's bipartisan decision to postpone wednesday's scheduled nomination hearing for the new head of the we're asking questions and we're following up on a lot of claims that have been made in a statement the white house is standing by their nominee who currently serves as president trump's white house physician on zak abc news capitol hill or president george h w bush said to be recovering a houston hospital from a blood infection he was admitted just a day after his wife and former first lady barbara bush was interred abc's ryan burrow with more from houston a statement from family spokesman jim mcgrath says the forty first present still wants to go to maine this summer mcgrath calling former president george h w bush quotes the most goal oriented person on the planet and i would not bet against him and quotes last week former florida governor jeb bush had this to say about the health of his father he's physically better than he was a month ago danny's he's in.

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