Indian court jails spiritual guru for life in rape case


The life support for a terminally ill child is one such case makes headlines here in the uk we hear from a mother what to go through that herself more on that coming up this half hour i the news hello i'm marion marshall with the bbc news a selfstyled indian holy man who boasts forty million followers around the world has been found guilty of rape influential spiritual guru ram was accused of attacking a sixteen year old girl at its ashram near jaunpur in registan in two thousand thirteen dvr aria reports from delhi anticipating violent protests at the courtroom the word it was delivered by the judge at the jail where saddam has been lodged for almost five years now he was arrested a few weeks after the assault in two thousand thirteen amid high trauma and protests by his supporters the miners family had been staunch devote his of ram and their daughter was staying at a residential school run by him during the trials in the rape cases against us aram nine witnesses including one journalists have been attacked three witnesses died and one is still missing the bbc has learned that the head of football's governing body gianni infantino is facing an allegation that he tried to intervene in the process of choosing a venue for the twenty twenty six world cup wolfram our sports correspondent richard conway there are two contenders for the twenty twenty six world cup a joint bid from the us canada and mexico and a separate bid from morocco what a source close to the governing body alleges mr infantino ask the panel of officials volley within the respective bids defined damaging evidence that could prevent barocco for making it onto the ballot paper in response afi who spokesman told the bbc the panel's assessment is guided by clear and objective criteria and that the president is not involved in this process and he will not take part in the vote of the congress an international conference to raise money for syria is just beginning in the belgian capital brussels representatives of eightyfive countries and organizations will be there the director of the world food program in syria yacoub can said the humanitarian situation in the country was getting worse with two thirds of the.

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