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Of doing thirteen years to joints. You have seven children, I believe. I have seven kids. I'm a, I'm a single fall the they took me away from my family, a didn't care. You know, my life was so good. Joe JR was extremely impressed by me. Whereas e- say, looking at my background, all my child support history was impressive enough way him. And he say to me and caught dead ill smoking Lil. We make me take care of my little soccer team the way I did. He said he was awful. And he tried his best and I have ever autocell ever words you ever you have spoke for me tone in a have great, great respect for you and MS a burnt where he wrote a letter and he was he was mind blown by where does that leave his Audie, but sentencing because of what the attorney power who so much pow of me with the supreme court would let us win. I know when you when you lost your case, your appeal, the next step you try to get clemency from leanna governor Bobby Jindal. I remember this well, because clemency is one of the things I got. I I actually got clemency from governor George Pataki New York, and I got a pardon from governor. Andrew Combe became the first person history of New York state to get a part in clemency. Papa. Can you take one second, tell your story because we kind of our folks, our friends at drugs, they don't really know in one thousand nine hundred, five eight. The biggest mistake of my life. I got involved with drug activity passed an envelope before, cocaine on the cover officers in Westchester county. It was a buy, bust operation. Twenty cops came out of nowhere for five hundred dollars Iran dishonorable from the Bronx. Mount Vernon, twenty cops came out of nowhere, place them the rest and I did everything I could do wrong, and I got to fifteen life sentences for under the Rockefeller drug laws which mandates mandatory minimum sentencing. The type. Of sentencing. Now that Torney general wants to bring back the drug war from the eighties nineties. And wand up going to sing sing prison day the twelve years at sentence. Before I literally painted my way to freedom, I discovered my talents and artists one night. It was myself picked up a mirror. Look in the mirror after three years, a painted portrait a the Wanda the resume, seven years later that a lot of press and I got granted executive clemency. So when I came out, I came out with a mission to save those left behind and I know, but this is what you wanna do now. And Mike, she's, we do you want to be an activist to help others right that you left behind ago of bent to bat Roach capital twice. A week ago I was there and we were trying to get this Bill passed to do away with these horn sentences with this habitual offender law, we have a day, they modified it. Whereas if someone comes to jail today on the drug judge, they won't be able to go back to any years twenty one years like in way, but a dig up a day copes on me and use it against him and we will fighting for to try to have it go retroactive. So I'm here today. I wanna help the as been left behind that's in prison for life twenty years, but a thirty four hundred dollar bag a week. Bobby Jindal had had had no part of transit help. Me be in a portent of give me a clemency. He totally turned his back on his retired and he left office. Now afterwards. When you got denied clemency, I think in twenty sixteen you'll lawyer. Applied for sentence reduction, right? Yeah. Well, it was actually Tony, some amazing outside help like yourself, e e coaching me, and it gave me a direction to go. So I apply for a sentence will came because of a post conviction in the post conviction was supposed to cut me loose. So when I got to court, you know this this whole judicial system in New Orleans is political. So what the the manipulation and the game that system ran on me was dated wanna, give me a full granton on my host conviction. So what a day was they, they modified my. My motion opposed conviction down to a reduction of sense and not what sixteen, right. Yes. Well, actually seventeen with started in last two thousand seventeen and I wasn't acting for reduction. I was XM abundant law of the post in vixen debt by right. They have to take if of my neck and actually free me before once in they did not just want me to wall. So they concocted a story together amongst themselves and came back to me and told me, look, we gonna rule. You'll post conviction out of time. So it gave them the power to. To let you prison for another year and a half. Right? And up until this day may I do not understand why these people attack me. So you know if I could ask the district attorney anything, I just wanna know, you know, what was your motivation for doing this? What? Why? Meat and the judges, the lawyers. DA's something as x. me. Did I ever like run over this man? Cat, you know, breaking in his house because it was after me like I've done him something like we was oh school, but it was from my understanding. He actually appealed your reduction three times the. The district attorney. So yeah, I can see, you must think he has some against you personally goes eating, give one break at all, but now are talk a little bit about, you know, the fallout from all of this since that fateful day in New Orleans, talk about the consequences of having this conviction and having to spend so much time away from your family. How has this affected you and affected your life for the negative? It was. It was devastate. It kids I have. I have two kids that has special needs one what is and one has what you call a junior rheumatoid out the riots. Never had the opportunity to experience and go through the motion of learning what these illness not to my kids. I'm home now and my hand at time somewhat artisan was Ryozo. Is a hurt thing, but it railing on noble I am is the condition having where he, he doesn't talk a lot. The development stages for is speech is real slow. So when I spent time waiting. Easy's he's not really there for me like, you know, he know why him. So that's been a hub of my older kids graduate and a have been no support. But because of my older kids, non, what I've always done for them in a pass on the Khanna own onto some of the things that we've done when he was kid able to tell me about now, but the most most devastating foot of all it is is like, you know, being taken away from my king, they mom this, we pretty weeks, we still cool, but it was haunted be took away from my family like that man and not being able to hold up my weight as a man to my family. Will you know Bernard? I always say that prison doesn't stop at the prison walls. It goes on the walls. It affects the loved ones of family members that are free on the outside. They suffered more than we did on the inside. Now let me ask you one question. I know from experience that prison changes, you what, what, if any changes occurred, what you I, it's been rough from the from the start. I'm I'm trying to. Calm myself down. Learn. So not be so because I have a problem now with a thorn because I was kicked around so much inside I was, I was locked knows neurone belong times, but I think.

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